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So what and how this all works.








1. First time buying

Looking to start a new hobby or possibly considering a weapon for personal protection? Perhaps considering target shooting, skeet shooting, or range shooting? Getting into long-range target shooting? Steel Rain, LLC can help you understand the process to legally purchase the right hardware for your needs. We will help you select the right size and caliber as well as provide tips for gun care. Work with Steel Rain, LLC to buy your firearm and we will also help you with considerations of safely storing, family protection, general safety, and transportation of your new firearm.


2. Experience buyers

So you’re an old pro – have owned various guns for years and are looking to expand your collection. Steel Rain, LLC can help you with your legal Federal Firearms License (FFL) transfer in to and out of Virginia. Perhaps you want to modify some existing hardware? Make your selections confidently with a licensed transfer specialist and experienced gunsmith.


3. Out of state

Just moved to Virginia? Gifted a firearm from an out-of-state relative? Your out-of-state buddy wants to sell a weapon? Let us help you. Steel Rain, LLC will ensure that your transfer is performed legally, hassle free from any state into Virginia.


4. How gun transfers work

a. Online

i. Purchase the firearm from the seller

ii. Seller requests Steel Rain’s FFL license

iii. Send your invoice to Steel Rain (

iv. Steel Rain notifies you when your purchase arrives and sets up a time for your transfer


b. Face-to-face

i. Bill of sale, money exchange

ii. Valid VA drivers license (or other valid Virginia ID)

iii. Provide a conceal to carry or Virginia voter card (proof of legal ability to own a firearm)

iv. **Does not protect the seller v. **Alternatively, use Steel Rain’s transfer service to protect both parties and ensure legality while minimizing liability**


You can use SteelRain to handle your Face To Face and let us do an FFL transfer for both parties. 


Cleaning and maintenance tips There are many opinions about cleaning a gun – ranging from frequently to annually.


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