Welcome to Steel Rain LLC

We at STEEL RAIN are here to help you as your “go to” place for information, inspiration and ordering your special gun. We can help you from determining what your requirements are to the final product. Gun parts, handguns, ARs and rifles are our specialty.


Firearms and the creation of them are not something to be taken lightly Craftsmanship and functionality should never be compromised and at Steel Rain we hold ourselves to the highest of standards. Bottom line, Steel Rain can hang with the best of the best. Reliability and a sound build together make a great rifle of choice. You can contact us with any questions you may have and to order products or services.


We offer 1st time buyer assistance, if you need help deciding what works for you and your budget.

Firearm cleaning service is available.




If you are looking for a Suppressor, SBR, AOW or Machine Gun we can help you locate or Build them and do Transfers. 







New Projects

More builds, check back often

We are building new request almost every week. Lots of Lightweight platforms, several Sub-MOA AR's.  A few new LR 308 DPMS (AR10) builds. Lots of good parts. Clean, lightweight and 18" of reach out and knock down.   More...


We at Steel Rain will be dropping Customer photos and additional builds.  Some special orders and 1-off requests. We gets tons of request, keep an  eye out. You may find your weapon here also.   More...


Need something special, please let us know.

Lately we have been working on some 458 SOCOM in 350gr. Working with Lehigh Defense and Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock X  for some devastating ballistics.